Crab stomatogastric ganglion dissection guides


When I first started in the Marder Lab as a graduate student, I had the good fortune of being trained in the crab stomatogastric ganglion dissection by a very patient and helpful senior grad student. I also got to watch several other experienced dissectors perform this dissection. This allowed me to come up with my own customized dissection protocol that combined the best aspects of the varied techniques I saw. I wanted to document my dissection protocol in the hopes of helping others who might be trying to learn this dissection, so I made a two-part illustrated guide. This ended up being incorporated into my first official publication in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (Gutierrez and Grashow, 2009).

These guides are still available on the resource page of the Marder lab website, but I’ve made them available here as well.

Gutierrez GJ, Grashow RG (2009). Cancer borealis stomatogastric nervous system dissection. J Vis Exp. Mar 23(25). pii: 1207.